If you think the photos of this table look good, you should see it in person. Talk about goodness! Solid walnut, tip to tail, with a hand rubbed oil-and-varnish finish that improves with use and abuse. Plus, it’s got more grace and charm than your average dinner guest, that’s for sure. And it’ll never drone on and on for hours or pick the nuts out of your salad (if you know what we mean).

The legs are a graceful and unbroken loop of thick, top-shelf American black walnut, FSC-certified and domestically sourced. And the finish? All-natural, baby. It’s a blend of linseed oil and pine-resin varnish that gives the wood a rich luster (and a progressively warmer patina over time). Plus it seals the pores against everyday wear and tear. And a table this solid and good-looking better get wear and tear everyday. So why don’t you stay in for dinner for a change? Pull up a chair and bury your face ears-deep in something delicious.

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