What do we really need to say about this table? 275 bucks and dapper and suave and unlike any table anyone you know has ever owned. It’s a conversation starter—what with the forming plywood and the logos and the little blue tool-dip booties—and when the conversation goes on and on, down strange and unexpected paths, and someone gets a little over excited and kicks over her drink, don’t worry. That skin was designed for forming concrete walls. Her gin-and-tonic won’t hurt it. Let her finish her story before you get up and mop it up.

And here’s a fun thing to watch for: when you first open up the crate we send you and you set your Turtadillo (part Turtle, part Armadillo) in front of the couch, it’ll be a pale yellow. Like you see in these photos. But then go and use it for five years or so and take another look. It’ll be a warmer yellow, darker but still lovely. And in another ten years? Twenty years? When one of your kids takes it to his first apartment? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

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