You probably have way too many somethings. Socks? T-shirts? Pairs of jeans? Whatever they are, these dressers will house them in style, discreetly, without judging. Even if some of your wardrobe belongs in another decade.

Whether you lean classic (is anything more classic than oiled American black walnut?) or contemporary (we think that forming plywood is very 2011), the Sheep dresser drawers are big and deep and roomy, with powder-coated aluminum pulls for a bit of bling. Each drawer can hold up to a hundred pounds (that’s a lot of socks) in their handsome baltic-birch boxes. And though we show them here all matchy-matchy, if you want to get crazy and mix your colors, just let us know and we’ll make it happen. We figure we ought to let you dress up your dresser any way you want.

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