Are entertainment credenzas going the way of the CD and the DVD? Never. Alright, well maybe someday. But you’ve got all that stuff—the media, the electronics—and admit it, you really like it. So put it somewhere beautiful, front and center in your living room, and enjoy it. Shit, if you’ve got a vinyl collection and a badass record player and you want us to make you one of these custom for your gear just call us and we’ll get on it. But 8-tracks? You’re on your own.

Or just use these guys as credenzas, as low sideboards, whatever. Doors or sliding drawers (or any combination of drawers and doors), either way. All we know is that we’ve got them in our houses and whenever we pull out that third drawer and see those T.Rex and Talib Kweli and Talking Heads discs sitting side by side by side we get happy. Get a Sheep credenza and you’ll get happy too.

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