All those pieces in the Back Catalog section of the site? They're there for a reason: we designed them back in the day, before we figured out how to set ourselves up as a production furniture company, with an inventory and 10-day lead times. Still, they are well loved by us, and others too. This, our Surfboy platform bed, is a favorite, at least judging by the number of clicks it gets on the site. Here it's shown with a model in the frame, blurred and ghostly, just to give a sense of proportion and scale. We abandoned the technique, but since we're feeling nostalgic and giving the past a second look, maybe we'll resurrect it. More ghostly Back Catalog product shots after the jump (led by our best seller) and many more products through the link up top.

Ah, the old website. Flash heavy and very fussy to maintain, fun and odd, all based on the photo studio we built in a garage behind a Cheesman Park apartment. We figured since we were taking pictures of our pieces in the space, why not show the products as a series of framed photos on the wall? Worked well enough at the time, but really, Flash? No more, at least not for us. A few more shots of framed art in the room after the jump, plus a link to the old site, which is still out there, sleeping in secret.

No, this is not the flyer for a new show at a fresh new design gallery in town. It's the flyer for an old show—a 5-year-ago show— in a long-dead design gallery that was a decade or two too early for Denver. P Design Gallery, in part of the space now occupied by Studio Como on Walnut, owned and operated by Paul and Pifuka Hardt. For this show, our debut as DoubleButter, they paired us with Tord Boontje, who of course was too international and too fancy-pants to even show up. Why did they pair us? Our guess is that Paul offered us the show before Mr. Boontje's minions got around to accepting an earlier invitation. Once we had both said yes, what choice did he have? For the record, we stole the show, no question. Here on the flyer, made months in advance of the show opening, are prototype versions of our Roadrunner chair and Armadillo coffee table, plus, oddly, an end bracket from our Elephant dining table suspended overhead. More nostalgic posts for as long as the feeling lasts.

So here we are, coming up on our 5-year anniversary, and one of us (at least) is in a nostalgic mood. So what the hell? Why not a week or so of posts looking back on where we've come from so we might get a better idea of where we're heading? Five years on and ready, more or less, to open up our first bricks-and-mortar retail spot in our much beloved hometown. All enabled by this silly little website and all those beautiful fools who've bought our furniture sight-unseen (bless you). More all week and more on the retail spot as we lock in the lease (and nail down who's going to run the thing). Today, a look at Peg Leg, the first chair we designed and built together. We made only one, and he's been dying a slow but beautiful death in our yard ever since. We settled on the basic design of the Roadrunner soon after we built this lad and never went back and dialed him in. In solid white oak and brushed and oiled cold-rolled steel.

For now, the last of this week's shout-outs to the Tillman Tumblr, condiments. We'll check back in periodically on this blog, just to see for ourselves what the boys are up to when they should be doing something other than messing about on the Internet. For regular updates on your own time, check in through the menu item up top.

In honor of the great glory of early Spring—at long last!—a few shots from the softer side of the Tillmans' photo blog over on Tumblr. Not sure which of the boys or girls (yes, there are female Tillmans too) is responsible for these pretty posts but with temperatures rising and the first buds breaking around town, we've got Spring Fever and we've got it bad. More photos after the jump.

Again from the Tillman Tumblr blog ("condiments" in the menu above), this time from the musical debauchery otherwise known as SXSW. Here, a shot from the boys' up-close-and-personal vantage at one of the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (seriously) shows (sadly, no shots of Darnell's back-flip stage dive) plus a shot of our boys Japanther. More photos after the jump plus links to band videos on the Tumblr site.

More from the Tillman's photo blog over on Tumblr, to which we are offering a link in the main menu above (that thing called "condiments"). Why? Your guess is as good as ours. That said, the boys do a good bit of work on our behalf, and aside from their standard fees for the crating bit, we don't really pay them (unless you count the Stranahan's, which they certainly do.) So the link to their blog is our way of saying thanks. These photos here are inverted views of some bits from that Sol Lewitt show at Mass MoCA. More on that show in other, older posts on this blog. For today, just more photos after the jump and more condiments all week.

So maybe you've noticed the changes we've made to the site over the past few weeks, though truth is, on this blog "we" use the word "we" in the royal, editorial, the-Dude-and-Walter sense. In this case and many others "we" means the Tillmans. Specifically Clovis and Darnell Tillman, founding blowhards of Horsehead Crating Company. The changes they made to the shopping section we'll get to later (or what the hell, since this is purportedly the website of a company that makes and sells furniture, click over there now and see for yourself). Today we're drawing your attention to the new menu item up above. That's right, condiments. An obvious accompaniment to this Sandwiches nonsense, it's a Tumblr site dedicated to all things Tillman. Virtually none of what you'll see there is the work of us DoubleButter doofuses. All Clovis and Darnell, all the time. You'll notice there are almost no words on the site, just images and the occasional link to something they found and liked. So far, no breasts, but knowing those guys it's probably only a matter of time. A sample of a couple of their photos after the jump and more samples all week. For the full spread, click on the link in the menu above.

The big sister of the Turtadillo coffee table, looking all grown-up and too-cool-for-school. Except that she’s not. She’s totally approachable and down-to-earth, you’re just too scared to go up and talk to her cause she’s so frickin hot. Well, don’t blame her for that. If you’re gonna blame anyone, blame us. More info and more photos after the jump.

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