If these stools were any hotter, they’d be on fire. And, yes, since they’re made of soild American black walnut and MDF, they’d burn. But you gotta admit, with looks this good and with all the care and attention to detail we put into making them, burning them would be criminal. So don’t even think about it, you crazy pyro.

Both versions are finished with a hand-rubbed blend of natural linseed oil and pine-resin varnish. Lovely. And since we never understood why backless stools had no front-to-back seat slope (to mimic the slope in your thighs with your feet on the floor) we added one. And we’re right: it’s way better. In fact, these may be the best stools ever made. We’re crazy? Show us one you think is better—more comfortable in a backless design, better looking, better made, more affordable—and we’ll tell you you’re crazy. So there. No doubt about it: these gorgeous lads rule the stool world.

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