We love this chair. Can we say that? It’s true, we do. The MDF version takes a humble material, rarely if ever used honestly and openly in fine furniture, and treats it with respect. The linseed-oil and pine-resin finish warms and visually softens the material. We think it ends up looking something like tanned leather. The walnut version is an old-school piece of craftsmanship in a modern package. There are 22 mortise-and-tenon joints in that chair. Plus the complicated curves and tapers. Bomb-proof and a bombshell, and it’s awesomely comfortable. Is it any wonder we’re smitten?

And we’re not alone: the MDF chair is part of the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum. Yes, our moms are very proud. They’re proud too of the fact that the American black walnut we use is FSC-certified and the MDF is very high in recycled-wood content. Really, we could and do go on. But don’t rely on our word: get a batch and see for yourself.

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