Yes, we know, it’s hard to believe. Or maybe not. But it should be: a chair this lovely and comfortable and wickedly durable, made entirely in Denver, Colorado by real live human beings for under two-hundred bucks. Make that $175. And yes, that’s retail, friends. We know, if you were sitting in this chair, kicking back in comfort and style, and we told you that price, you might wet yourself from excitement. Which would be fine with the chair—it could take much worse.

It’s made from forming plywood—a US-made plywood with a classic edge and a pretty resin skin designed for making concrete forms—and the material can take a whupping. We made our outdoor glue-up and chopping table from the stuff years ago and it’s holding up like a champ. Not a whimper or a complaint. In fact, the supply yard we source it from down the street from our shop keeps some of their inventory outdoors. Badass and good-looking and oh-so comfortable. Irresistible.

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