Wow, we managed to get our Roadrunner bench out front of the two most significant art institutions—the MCA Denver and the DAM— in our home town in our first year of existence? Totally awesome, really quite extraordinary. Well, not exactly. No one at the museums asked for them so we just installed them on the sly when no one was looking. It just so happend that we did it in broad daylight, on a regular workday, with hammer drills into the sidewalk. In and out in under fifteen minutes. It helps to be knee-shaking nervous sometimes.

Sadly, these benches weren’t received as the gifts we intended. You may be a cynic and think we just did it as a bit of self-promotion (after all, we did film the whole silly event) and you’d be partly right. But we also think they looked real swell against the fancy buildings we picked. And we still do. Plus, they’re the most comfortable benches in this city—any city, perhaps—by a wide margin. Now available in a two-seater version too, in all our standard and custom powder-coat colors.

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