Have you ever noticed how most bar and counter stools totally suck? Well we have and we decided something had to be done about it. And here is that something: the Crane stool, in bar or counter height. Not at all sucky, thank you very much.

Most stools with backrests have at least one problem: comfort. They lack it completely. That and they’re kind of ugly. Sorry, but we’re just trying to be honest here. But this stool got around both of those pitfalls by being super comfy and super handsome. The bent-bar profile has just the right angles and just the right amount of flex; the footrest is at just the right height to let you take a proper load off; the curve of the seat and back cradles your bum and torso in a loving embrace. Plus, the steel is recycled and totally recyclable and the powder-coat finish is hard-wearing and extremely water resistant. So go ahead and love this stool. It’ll love you back.

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