So you really like the original Armadillo coffee table in steel but, if you’re gonna be honest about it, it’s just a bit too, oh, steely for you. Well, sometimes we know how you feel. You want something a little woody, a little more homey, a touch more old-timey. Well, relax and kick your feet up because we made this table just for you.

It’s got all the same shapely good looks as its metallic twin. But, yes, that’s all solid American black walnut, hand rubbed head to toe with our gorgeous blend of linseed oil and pine-resin varnish. All natural and completely renewable. Plus, that walnut is FSC-certified, meaning it’s sustainable and completely legit. Another reason to kick back and relax. So don’t apologize for wanting a little woody grace in your life. This table has your name on it. (Actually, it’s got our name branded on the underside, but you know what we mean.)

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