Whatever you’re planning to do to this coffee table, we’ve done worse. Seriously, we have. Hatchet? Yep. Chain hoist? You betcha. Molotov cocktail? Sadly, yes. You doubt us? Well, then click on the last image at bottom below and see the silly video that proves it all. We did all of that and more so you don’t have to (and so you don’t have to worry). Truth be told, we have a whole team of scheming morons hanging around the shop who think of nothing but how to destroy our furniture. And this table is very hard to destroy.

But of course you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. It’s very lovely, if we do say so ourselves. All graceful lines and elegant tapers. With a body made from a sheet of powder-coated steel finished with solid walnut or white oak stretchers. We hate to say this but this table will outlast you. And unlike you, when it finally gives up the ghost it’ll be entirely recyclable. So, go ahead, put your feet up and relax. The Armadillo can take it.

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